Destination: Pacific Beach, WA

Before we moved up here from Texas, we Google’d the area to death. I didn’t find much online when it came to reviews of good areas to work, live, play, or eat in Kitsap County. So, once we got settled in, I joined a few Facebook groups and began to explore and learn more about the area. We have been here a year now and I have a few reviews of my own to add to the world wide web. Let’s start with Pacific Beach, WA.


I love the beach! Any beach! All beaches! I have my favorites. I grew up near the Texas coast though, so I never really understood the need for a sweater or jacket while at the beach…now, I get it. Even in the late summer you will need a coat! We went to Pacific Beach Resort & Recreation Center. It is designated for military/DOD personnel and their families. The rate was $70 for the night in one of the family hotel rooms. I am a list person, so I will break it down like this:

The Pro’s-

  • The price was good in respect to the beach access and views.
  • The drive was under 3 hours (even with stopping for a potty trained toddler)
  • Free movie theater room with multiple showings per day! We saw Avengers!
  • Game room (Bring quarters)
  • Hot tub
  • Bowling alley on premises (I think it had 4 or 5 lanes. Bring $$)
  • Nice playground
  • Gift shop (just in case you forget your jacket)
  • The staff was nice

The Con’s-

  • I expected more from the hotel room. I am pretty sure it was once a barrack and they just added some old bed quilts from a $29 a night kind of motel. It was kind of dingy and moldy.
  • No bathtub, and the TINY single shower stall made it hard to wash the sand off of the toddler.
  • No elevators, but I needed a workout, so I am not sure if that was a pro or a con.
  • They were understaffed
  • The quality of the food in the restaurant was not comparable to the price.
  • The wait for our food would have warranted a visit from the restaurant manager had it been any other place.
  • The food was just plain bad. This was a $16.95 plate of surf n’ turf. And it tasted worse than it looked.¬†Unfortunately.

However, after we figured out NOT to eat at the hotel/resort, we did find a nice little bakery/coffee shop down the street, where we found…

And this.

After all is said and done, we had sand between our toes and had a great time! We will for sure go back to Pacific Beach! However, we will opt for one of the cottages if we stay at the “resort” or contact one of the local rental agencies and inquire about their daily rentals in the area.

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One thought on “Destination: Pacific Beach, WA

  1. Speaking as a mom of a handicapped child…the no elevator is a definite CON!

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