Destination: Be bendable, not breakable.

Finding a starting point for this blog was not the easiest thing for me to do. So I decided to just  begin with where my life is right now.

My little family of four is facing another deployment. Last summer my husband left for a seven month-long deployment and this summer he will go out to sea again for another long one. We sat down to discuss what we wanted to do differently this time with the kids, each other, the budget, care packages, holidays, and so on. It is easier having a similar experience to compare to, but it also totally sucks because I know some of the challenges our family will face once again. The last deployment I feel like I held my breath through it and rushed it to be over. I over planned, well more like obsessed, about holiday plans and what we would do to make our life perfect when Daddy came home. I lived for the next activity, event, trip, holiday to take my mind off of my reality. I truly only enjoyed a few moments of life last year. Maybe I felt guilty to have too much fun without my husband here with us. He had already missed out on so many “firsts” in our kids lives, I felt like I had to save some for him. I am one lucky lady though! This guy I have is so understanding! I want to handle the emotions and challenges of this one, and I guess just life in general, with a more flexible attitude. So when the strong winds of sick kids, car trouble, snow storms, and limited communications blow I bend, not break. Yeah, that’s what I want.


One thought on “Destination: Be bendable, not breakable.

  1. Maureen Bricker says:

    I like the bend and break thing. What I say to myself when there is a crisis (or better yet a perceived crisis) is, respond, don’t react! Gives you a minute to breathe! I’ll be folllowing you! <<>>

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